Core Products


CorFit  Belts

With high quality durable components and construction, coupled with careful attention to fit and comfort the CorFit Belting System is the best-designed lumbosacral belt on the market.

 Corfit Belts
$42.95 each (Retail Use)


Core Pillows

Because the cervical curve is supported in its neutral position, using Tri-Core pillows helps to correct nerve malfunction and promotes healing of injuries. More importantly, Core pillows promote good health while providing maximum comfort by preserving the normal curvature of the neck and spine.

Tri-Core Pillows Standard or Gentle
$63.95 (Retail Use)


Midcore Standard or Gentle
$52.00 (Retail Use)


D-Core Pillows
$52.00 each (Retail Use)


Core Deluxe Water Pillows
$76.00 (Retail Use)


Therapeutica Cervical Pillows

therapeutica cervical pillow

Child (C101)
$81.88 each (Retail Use)
Petite (C102)
$90.31 each (Retail Use)
Average (C103)
$99.94 each (Retail Use)
Large (C104)
$110.00 each (Retail Use)
X-Large (C105)
$120.00 each (Retail Use)


Therapeutica Travel PIllows

Petite (TSP103)
$68.00 each (Retail Use)
Average (TSA103)
$72.00 each (Retail Use)
Large (TSL103)
$78.00 each (Retail Use)


Therapeutica Basic Pillow (Standard)


$42.00 each (Retail Use)


Therapeutica Double Core Select Foam Pillow


$70.00 each (Retail Use)


Sitback Rest Lumbar Support

This deluxe lumbar support comes with a upgraded durable fabric cover and positioning belt. Measuring 13″ X 14″. the precision-cut foam is durable, and promotes proper posture in any chair. It can be used at home, at the office and in the car, and feature side support wings for ultimate comfort.

Sit Back Lumbar Support
$40.00 each (Retail Use)


Jeanie Rub Massager – Variable Speed


$285.00 each (Retail Use)