Strengthen Stretch And Stabilize With One Simple Device

Proper posture has many health benefits, and is important to everyone’s well-being. Poor posture has been proven to increase the risk of health complications such as slipped discs, and poor blood circulation. Those with back pain, and an array of other symptoms can benefit from strengthening and stabilizing their bodies with the Posture Medic.

A Perfect Posture With Proper Support

The Posture Medic is an easy way to ensure you are keeping good posture. The innovative system has instant results, and improves overall strength and health. It is a simple device that every body needs. It can be worn anywhere, and at anytime. It is easy to put on, and can be hidden under clothing. Wear yours at home, in the office or even the car. Start wearing the Posture Medic in comfortable intervals, and work your way towards longer periods of time.

A Successful Strategy For All Ages And Abilities

Aside from being an instant posture perfecter, the Posture Medic is a resistance and stretching device. Use the program provided, or design your own. There are routines for every ability allowing the Posture Medic to be used by anyone. Programs range from inactive to athletic. Whether you actively strength train numerous times a week, or do not exercise at all you can benefit using a Posture Medic.

Posture Health Programs For Rehabilitation

Correcting posture aids in recovery, and is also important during the rehabilitation process. Health professionals use the Posture Medic as both a dynamic stretching and strengthening program, and as a ‘hands-off’ rehabilitation system. With different strengths available the system is a progressive, and is designed for users to graduate at their own pace.

Posture Medic’s Design And Sizing Principles

Leonardo Da Vinci showed us that the body has balance and proportion. This principle was applied to both the design and the sizing of the Posture Medic. Arm Span can be calculated by a person’s height, and it is simple to determine your appropriate size. A properly fit and strength will maximize your results, and wearing one too small could cause discomfort.

More Great Benefits Of Correcting Your Posture

The support this product offers can change the way you live your life. Improving posture can Reduce blood pressure and increase circulation. It reduces headaches, back pain, fatigue, dizziness and your risk of spinal or joint injuries. Other benefits of good posture include improved breathing, sleep and a better ability to focus. Enjoy the many benefits of better health, while looking and feeling young with the Posture Medic.

The Posture medic is available exclusively from health professionals. If you would like to find a dealer near you, or are interested in carrying the Posture Medic contact Michelle Mahoney at, or contact us through our webpage.

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